Donation Packages

Running a community is not easy, nor is it cheap. We have put together this donation scheme in order to give back to those who financially support us so we can cover the costs of our server infrastructure, software licensing etc. We are providing a scheme that will give back, however it will not affect any physical game-play or give an advantage to those who gain donation perks.

We are also introducing a new donation feature that will benefit the whole community. When we achieve our £250 monthly donation goal, for the first week of the following month the below will come into effect:

By donating you agree to the PhoenixRP Terms & Conditions.

Sponsor Package

Package Description

Show your honour to the community with a unique forum profile including custom video, sponsor banner and other awesome perks. Also includes in game cosmetics for guns and vehicles.


  • Access to Sponsor shops with the below cosmetic items.
  • Black weapon variants.
  • Black carrier rigs (Normal colour already available, same price).
  • Vehicle + Clothing Skins.
  • Exclusive Vehicle Variants.
  • Ability to set custom name color in game (RGB).
  • Ability to set icons above your player name as a civilian.
  • Ability to set custom vehicle registration plates in game.
  • Ability to set re-color vehicles to any RGB variant.
  • Ad-free browsing.
  • Shiny Sponsor forum tag.
  • Ability to set gifs as a profile picture.
  • Ability to set a profile song (YouTube Video).
  • Sponsor forum award.
  • Sponsor tag on TeamSpeak. (Must have TeamSpeak linked with forum account)
  • Sponsor tag on Discord. (Must have Discord linked with forum account)
  • Ability to set TeamSpeak avatar.

Lifetime Sponsor Package

£150 £120 - Lifetime
Package Description

Continuing features from the Sponsor Package, this package speaks volumes of your dedication. Includes, features like sparkly forum name, access to exclusive platforms such as myPhoenix and more.


  • All of the previous package features (not including forum or TeamSpeak rewards).
  • Sparkly forum name.
  • Modded Vehicles
  • Shiny Lifetime Sponsor forum tag.
  • Lifetime Sponsor forum award.
  • Permanent Lifetime Sponsor TeamSpeak channel.
  • Lifetime Sponsor TeamSpeak tag.
  • Lifetime Sponsor Discord tag.
  • Custom TeamSpeak client icon (16x16px).
  • VPN/Proxy whitelisting upon request.
  • Personal TeamSpeak channel.
  • Early-Access to new platforms & content (myPhoenix + more down the line)
  • Access to exclusive Discord channel which is only accessible by Lifetime Sponsor's and the Community Board.

Patron Package

£250 - Lifetime
What is Jungle Life?

Continues from all previous packages (not including Forum/Teamspeak Rewards) with further forum and teamspeak items. Also includes further customisation in-game and your own TeamSpeak channels.


  • All of the previous package features (not including forum or TeamSpeak rewards).
  • Add a custom tablet background in game for everyone or just yourself to use.
  • Multi coloured forum name.
  • Shiny Patron forum tag.
  • Patron forum award.
  • Patron TeamSpeak tag.
  • Patron Discord tag.
  • Custom Forum background in game.
  • Custom TeamSpeak tag, can be assigned to anyone you wish.
  • Ability to join patron only channel on teamspeak.
  • Personal TeamSpeak channel including 2 sub-channels.
  • New Major Crimes
  • Access to exclusive Discord channel which is only accessible by Patron's and the Community Board.